If you´re looking to become a licensed skydiver or just want to know more about the process, we have two options to meet that goal. You can choose between jumping by yourself with the Static Line system or go with an instructor on a Tandem skydive.

Both methods require a 7 or 8 hour ground course the day before the jump.

During the class you´ll learn about the parachute components, aerodynamics, handling, procedures to follow when approaching and within the aircraft, how to exit the airplane, emergency and landing procedures. The first jump course is extensive as it presents concepts that allow us to understand the new environment and the operation of the equipment.

The following jumps are preceded by a short talk explaining the maneuvers and procedures to be performed. The goal is to give students the opportunity to advance to become a certified skydiver, so you can then continue to grow within the sport.


  • Jumps 1 through 5:These are made with the static line deploying your parachute. The goal is to learn how to exit the plane in a stable position and deploy the parachute.
  • Jumps 6 through 8:Introduction to the free fall. The focus is on stability.
  • Jumps 9 through 12:Directional control. We start with 90° turns and end with 360s.
  • Jumps 13 through 15:How to recover stability. Flips and barrel rolls are made to make you work on your recovery.

    Once the goals are fulfilled, you move to the "Self Supervised" stage. At this point learning can go at your own pace. We do recommend to jump with a coach to maximize learning.